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The Difficulties of selling to a Limited Audience... Gone.

You would think that there couldn't be a more perfect format for audiobooks than academic works. No difficult character vocal inflections. No fussy producer demanding the fifty-third retake like they're some audiobook equivalent of Stanley Kuberick. It should be plain sailing, right?
Sadly, with a limited audience and a yearly requirement for update, we know first hand that this isn't conducive to translating your academic book into this format.

Thankfully AutoAudio Technology now not only makes this possible, it's now within the reach of every academic scholar looking to get published.

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A Sounded Investment in Learning

We feel so strongly about academic works becoming more accessible that we offer a perpetual update model for all books that qualify as an academic work!

This gives you the ability to continue to work and improve your research, keeping it constantly up to date with the latest data without the financial burden of costly updates with narrators. We feel that knowledge is at the forefront of advancing the human race and is the only real tool in the fight against disinformation.

Academic scholars need to be free to update their position with any evolving data that is available to them, and what better way for us to enable this than by offering you a constant ability to do that at no extra cost?

So long as you keep your work listed with us, you will be free to keep it up to date at no extra cost!

There is no major catch here, as you might be expecting. We just ask that this is used in good faith.
Updating and improving chapters is fair use. Rewriting your entire book probably isn't!
You're the smart one... use your head!

Footnotes and Illustrations? No problem!

Another advantage of trusting your academic works with us is AutoAudio Technology automatically strips footnotes and illustrations and gives you full control of how they should be used within your work.

Footnotes, by default, are stripped and added in a supporting download. You can however, easily change this preference to determine how and where they should be read. Whether you prefer them to be read at the end of the chapter, the line or just in-situ, this level of control is at your fingertips within the author portal.

Likewise with illustrations, correctly tagged illustrations can provide rich metadata back to your listeners via our app, where illustrations are shown in time with your words. Again, an accompanying download is provided to your audience, and you have full control of how this features within your work.

Author Audiobook Toolbelty

Get started with your Academic Audiobook today!

Sounded.com has many tools available to academic authors looking to create and sell their audiobook, and the mixture of low production costs, high royalty returns and advanced accompanying features hopefully makes us the number one choice for your work.

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