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You have the Creative Controls

We put you in the driving seat when it comes to your audiobook with Sounded.com

Market Choices are Hard. Art by Sounded.com

Go Straight To Sale with Sounded.com!

Imagine finishing your audiobook after months of hard work only to then have to wait for another six weeks or more to get your work approved, listed and up for sale.

No any more you don't!

Once your audiobook is finished, simply hit Submit Store Listing and fill in a few basics like pricing, your description and a bit about yourself for your fabulous Author Profile and away you go!

No lengthly approval processes. No third party verifications. No complex rights management and listing setup. All simple. All quick and easy and most importantly, immediate royalty payment potential!

For the most part audiobook listings are as seamless as they can be. Sounded.com operates various automated content moderation analysis checks in the background such as copyright infringement monitoring (just in case you're thinking of releasing Barry Trotter and the Auditorium of Mysteries on out platform) as well as other sentiment based analysis for legal and security reasons.

Global Availability.
Or just where you want it..?

As an author, you want to give your work the best possible chance of success globally. Immediate global release might be one option, or holding off and just releasing in English language countries then translating to local dialects may be another.

You can now do both with Sounded.com!

Once complete, your store listing can be set to Global Distribution, or you can set the countries you would prefer it not to be listed in from your author portal.

Then, in only a few clicks you are able to create an entirely new copy of your audiobook in one of over 80 languages and even regionalise it in one of over 160 dialects!

Now you have full control to turn one book into a global international best seller
All in one place.

Additional fees may apply for translation services and processing a new project depending on the project tier choice.

Market Choices are Hard. Art by Sounded.com

Think Locally. Sell Globally.

Get your work to the ears of the globe in minutes.

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