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More than 60 languages.

Hundreds of dialects.

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Not Just English Audiobooks!

Your audiobook production is no longer limited to just English speaking world!
Sounded.com might just support the largest number of languages of any synthesised voice platform with over 60 languages and regional dialects well into the hundreds.

Would you prefer a Swiss German accent rather than a native tone?
We can do that!

Do you want the sultry tones of a female French Canadian accent?
We have at least 5 different female Canadian narrators to choose from!

Need support for any one of the eleven Spanish speaking countries in North America?
We cover them all!

Would you like to target the Arabic market with one of over 12 countries that speak it?
We do that too!

Does the ever expanding Chinese audiobook market pique your interest?
Cantonese. Mandarin. We even spport Wu!

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