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Getting Your Tier Choice Right

We know commiting to any outgoing payment right now can be a tough choice. We have structured our payment tiers in such a way that gives you the maximum flexibility possible whilst ensuring you get a great ROI on your investment in your work.

We built the Sales to Tier Estimation Tool to allow you to see based on estimates where you might be best positioned in terms of tier choice. Low sales are not something any author wants to think about, but hoping for the best and planning for the worst in terms of your numbers will give you a good idea for which tier is right for you.

Once you start playing with the potential sales figures however, you will hopefully see why we have priced our tiers in the way we have, and why our Premium Tier offering is so competitive and rewarding for our authors.

Market Choices are Hard. Art by Sounded.com
Hard Paths Ahead. Art by Sounded.com

We want you to be happy
No matter what road you pick

This is why we also allow authors to upgrade at any time!

As a Sounded.com author, you have the option to upgrade your tier at any time. This gives you the freedom to trial your book on the Basic tier and see how your book launches with a long exclusivity period.

As your book sales progress, you have the option then to upgrade to the next tier with the benefits of higher royality rates and reduce your exclusivity period to 12 months.

Progress a little further, you can then decide to upgrade to Premium and get immediate access to Global Distribution Rights as well as unlocking our top royalty rate of 80% for sales on our platform as an added benefit. All decided by you at your own pace, and all to benefit you as you grow.

We know this journey can be a long, tough and winding one...
That's why we're here to give you as many paths as you need to help at every step.

Bring your work to the platform with some of the best royalty rates in the industry (literally) today!

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