Short Stories

Create a side hussle and showcase your talents with Sounded.com

What counts as a Short Story?

At Sounded.com we count anything under around 5,000 words (or 25,000 characters to be exact...) as a Short Story. This equates to approximately 30 minutes of audio depending on the speed of narration, and of course the language! This should give you plenty of headroom to create your perfect tale and wet the whistles of your listeners into your longer works, or just create a short story empire all of your own to sell on our site.

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Can I sell my Short Story?

Of course!
The benefit of using AutoAudio Technology is that there is no on-ramp like with a traditional audiobook production, so a lot of the costly and time consuming efforts of working with a narrator doesn't exist. This means that you, the author, can get your short stories produced in minutes, listened to in full, post-produced yourself and onto our exclusive Featured Short Stories section of our store before your voice actor has got out of bed!

How do I price my short story?
Can I give it away for free??

You are in full control of how you price your work, so of course you can choose to price it for free too!
Short Stories area a great way to promote yourself as an author, especially when you give them away for free! The added bonus of this with Sounded.com is that you also receive potential additional revenue for free books through our exclusive Ad Supported platform too.
Alternatively, you can set a price for your work and generate revenue that way too.
It's entirely up to you.

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Could I use this to "Try Before I Buy" full book production?

Most authors will have a plethora of short stories they've written we're sure, so using one of your pieces to see how you get on with the Sounded.com platform sounds good too us too. Our Author Tools are highly intuative, but we know using a new platform can be daunting so the Short Stories approach is definitely a good way of testing the water. For sharks. Or cthulhu. Or anything you want to write about of course!

Can I release it on other platforms?

Yes! With our Premium Tier you get immediate and Global Distribution Rights!
Short Stories fall under our exisiting contract structures so your distribution rights agreement is based on your purchase tier. After the exclusivity period, you also are free to distribute your work as you see fit, but our Premium Tier production allows you to do this immediately after completion of your work.

Author Audiobook Toolbelty
Author Audiobook Toolbelty

But I won't have a book cover!

Oh yes you will!
The Author Toolbelt features our exclusive Book Cover Creator Suite allows you to create a brand new book cover with minimal effort. You can even generate custom artwork by describing your perfect scene, add text and shapes and much more!
All included as part of the price you pay for your Short Story production!

Alternatively, you're completely free to use your own cover art that might exist, or use any other third party tools you may use and upload it as part of your listing. It's entirely up to you, but you can rest assured knowing that you have all the tools you need under our roof if you need them.

Basic Tier may include a maximum limit on the amount of custom artworks you can generate before locking one in, but using the tools is included indefinitely! We know it can be tricky coming up with the perfect cover!.

The only limits are your imagination!

Short Stories are a great escape for reality.
They're also a great way of showcasing your talents and testing our platform.
Get started with yours today and lets start making some Short Story magic together!

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